What is the 100 Club?

Our 100 club has been set up to help us to support the dogs of 9 years and over who come into our care and would be rehomed as life-time foster dogs.

On average we have 28 life-time foster dogs on our books at any one time.

People caring for our life-time fosters provide food and cater for their daily needs whilst we support them by paying veterinary bills.

The support of the 100 Club is vital to the ongoing welfare of our life-time foster dogs who would otherwise stand relatively little, if any chance of being formally adopted.

We think that these dogs deserve a chance – don’t you?

How does it work?

Originally termed the 50 Club, membership has increased to closer to 100 hence we’ve renamed the club to reflect its growing popularity.

Subscribers to the 100 Club pay 5 per month by standing order.  4 of the donation helps us to provide direct support to the life-time foster dogs. The remaining 1 from each donation goes towards the prize money for the 100 Club Draw that is held each month.

The winner of the 100 Club Monthly draw receives 1 for every member of the club. That means the more members that join the 100 Club, the bigger the monthly prize.

To join our 100 Club and help us support our life-time foster dogs all you need to do is complete and return an application form to us and submit the attached standing order mandate to your bank (available in PDF and Word versions).

It couldn’t be simpler to support our work but, while you stand a chance of winning the monthly draw, you’ll also be helping to make a real difference to the lives of our older dogs who are the real winners to benefit from the kindness of our 100 Club Members.

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