• Dogs aged 9 and over that come into our care are rehomed as Lifetime Foster Dogs.
  • It takes someone special to offer a home to an older dog but Labrador Welfare believe these dogs are particularly special and deserve the security of a good home in which to remain and enjoy their twilight years. 
  • Applications to lifetime foster a dog of 9 or over are considered in much the same way as applications to adopt and will be subject to the same careful matching process and home visit criteria as if the dog were being formally adopted.  Details of our application and rehoming processes can be found here.
  • Prospective foster carers taking on a lifetime foster dog from Labrador Welfare are expected to provide a secure, loving environment, food, exercise and companionship.

In return, carers can expect full back-up support from the charity who will also assist with costs associated with veterinary treatment with the exception of vaccinations, flea and worm treatments and minor procedures such as nail clipping.

  • Foster carers can be assured of regular contact from our dedicated Rehoming Team who will keep in touch for the rest of the dog’s natural life to offer support and help when needed
  • The undemanding friendship and unconditional love that comes with opening your heart and home to an older dog are what make lifetime fostering a richly rewarding experience.

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