Our Sponsor Dog Scheme is predominantly designed to help dogs below the age of 9 who come into our care for rehoming and:

  • Have known medical conditions that require ongoing medication

  • It is anticipated the dog may need an operation in the future to alleviate exacerbation or degeneration of a known condition.

These dogs are too young to join our Lifetime Foster Dog Scheme and may prove difficult to re-home because prospective new owners are unable to insure the dog for the existing condition.

Our Sponsor Dog Scheme exists so that Labrador Welfare can offer some financial help towards the cost of these specific conditions and give these dogs a better chance of finding a new home.

Our Sponsor Dog Scheme can also help dogs who may require professional help with behavioural issues or those that, for a variety of reasons, remain in our care at kennels for long spells.

Our Sponsor Dog Scheme can make a real difference to the lives of some of these dogs and their owners and you too can make a difference by joining the scheme.

To join the scheme, you’ll need to:

  • Complete a Sponsor Dog Membership Form and return it to us at the address shown on the bottom of the form (available in PDF and Word versions).
  • You’ll also need to complete the attached Standing Order mandate, detach it from the Membership Form and return it to your Bank so that you can make a regular fixed donation to the scheme.

    The amount you choose to donate is entirely up to you but even a small donation of 5 per month can be a huge help to any Labrador Welfare Sponsor dog.

You can make your donation go even further by completing the Gift Aid section at the bottom of the Sponsor Dog Membership Form.

Making a regular, fixed donation, you’ll be helping dogs like Cassie, a lovely young black lab girl who, although now happily rehomed, will require ongoing treatment to manage a skin condition and Beau, a handsome young yellow boy whose pre-existing orthopaedic condition might require surgical intervention in later life and whose new owners can rely on us for some financial support should they need it.

For some sponsor dogs and their owners, financial support through our Sponsor Dog scheme will only be for a short period but for others it can be a life-time commitment and one that Labrador Welfare are equally committed to supporting.

Choosing to join our Sponsor Dog Scheme means that you’ll be enabling us to continue to offer this support and you’ll be making a real difference to the lives of Labrador Welfare Sponsor Dogs.

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